Chapter Philanthropy and Service


Epsilon Alpha makes several efforts to raise money for St. Jude and spread awareness to others around us about our philanthropy. This past semester we put on multiple events within our annual philanthropy week, Dolphin Daze. These events consisted of a proceeds night at a local restaurant, Pie a Tri, a Watermelon Bash, Delta House of Pancakes, and Frats at Bat.

For Pie a Tri, sisters gather in the middle of our campus and any students and professors can come pie us with shaving cream. This a great opportunity to get to know member of other Greek organizations on campus and the rest of the FGCU community! Our Watermelon Bash was a new event our chapter hosted this year where men in different Fraternities competed in various contests all involving a watermelon. We enjoyed cheering on the competing teams and eating tons of watermelon! At our annual Delta House of Pancakes event, we gather on campus and serve endless pancakes and toppings. All the proceeds we raised by selling tickets were donated directly to St. Jude! At Frats at Bat, we gather at a local park and watch the Fraternities we have on campus compete in a friendly baseball tournament. We loved making posters and watching a day full of baseball!

For next semester, we will be hosting annual events such as St. Jude Soldier and attending a St. Jude walk in a neighboring city! We are excited to incorporate new ways to raise money for St. Jude and educate others in the community about the impact they have on so many children’s lives and their families. In 2019, we were able to raise $44,786 for St. Jude and we look forward to raising more in the future!

Every year we host a 5k in honor of our sister Mary. During this event we raise money for the Mary Albertson Foundation Scholarship which is awarded to one FGCU student every year to forward their education. We honor Mary's sparkle and are proud to keep her memory alive every year by raising money and coming together for our annual event. 

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